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Hi Keith, great pack I'm struggling with the cliff/cave entrances a bit in how to fit the entrance to the cave, just wondering if you have any tips (I'm sure people would benefit from a video of an environment being assembled)?

I've been experimenting in MAST and asset forge. Looking forward to see your paid MAST packs, especially if they are similar to this.

Another comment I would have for ease of use is to split the props from the ground objects either by a prop prefix or separate folders.

Thanks, Martin.

Edit: Reading below the normals might be reversed on at least one of entrances, was thinking that myself but didn't want to assume being a newcomer to unity.

Oh another idea I had to help people learn how to put the parts together is to post an example asset forge project or unity scene, such as the one in your screenshots.

Yes.  Normals are flipped on the cave top corner.  I've been meaning to fix it.  The kit in general isn't user friendly for the caves in general.  You should really create some assemblies in MAST with premade sections.  As far as creating samples or tutorials, I'm not going to be dedicating any more time to this kit.  The new modular terrain kit will be much easier to assemble whenever it gets finished.

Great will dig deeper in mast and looking forward to seeing the new kit.