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So having an issue with the 64 bit version (also I have tried using the 32 bit version and it will not launch) the game runs but everything is zoomed in and I do not know how to fix this. Your help would be much appreciated

Hrm, about to drop a new version, don't know if it'll fix it; you can change the resolution from the options menu if you can reach it, if not, you can change it in the preferences file, which on windows is on Users/<YourUser>/.prefs/tales-of-androgyny-preferences. Open it up with a text editor like notepad, then change the value next to width from 1920 to 960 and height from 1080 to 540. When you launch the game it should be a much smaller window.

If it's not the window size, but the game is literally "zoomed in", that's probably a video card driver issue.

I figured it out it was the window I am dumb