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The manual gives me some strong Clive Barker's Undying-vibes. Games like this one are the reason why I purchased a TheC64 Maxi. Well done!

edit: A very entertaining game, I really enjoy the exploration aspect. One thing: I find it a bit unfortunate to use the "Necronomicon" as a story premise for this game, it's way too overused in popular culture, and it should have been something more in the vein of celtic culture to fit the story. Just my two cents and only a detail. Other than that a very pleasurable experience. My map is already filled with anotations. :)

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I had a great time working on the backstory / history of the island / adding the clues etc.  The necronomicon is a creation of H.P Lovecraft which this game is highly inspired by so including it was never in doubt, without him this game wouldnt exist. Good to hear you enjoyed it tho.

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Hi, thanks for answering me! I'm a big admirer of the Master myself (I read all of his works and he inspired me too). I just have a bit difficulty to connect the book of the Mad Arab with the setting. Anyway, the game itself is brillant, the manual is written very well and the illustrations are well done too. It's fully worth the price asked in my opinion. I'm eager for your next games! :)