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Not sure if this is intended but in the demo I could play the game horizontally but in the purchased game it force vertical orientation.


oh! Ok. This is not intended. I’ll get a new android build up as soon as I can. 
I’m in the middle of a move, so as soon as my PC is back up and running I’ll make a new build for android that removes the orientation limitation you’re seeing. Hopefully in the next few days. Once the new build is ready you should be able to play vertical or horizontal. Sorry about that. 


np great game love what i played so far

That’s awesome! Thank you for playing! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far. 👍🏻


Hey jwestbro11, I finally got sometime to check into this bug, and I downloaded the latest APK (v.0.4.86) onto my Android tablet and it looks like I am able to play in both portrait or landscape.

You can check your version in the main menu maze. At the start, swipe left towards the Audio Options and in the top right of that area you can see the version number. If you do have the latest version, and you're still unable to change the game screens orientation, you can email me at with your Android OS version, device name, and maybe we can figure it out together. Thanks!!