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Argh my game is broken... Can you tell me how to fix it? Custom battle creator says that there are 999 units on both sides, and i cant put in any buildings, traps etc. I can put units but its boring without castles and stuff... and it starts with showing me the screen when you have unit spawner and something else! And its pointless to say anything about extracting etc, BECAUSE I ALDREADY DID IT! i got all on my desktop, i aldready did everything you said to others in their comments, and it just does not work.

PS: YES I USED WINRAR! Can you please respond fast i want to play it...And sorry for caps lock if that seemed to be mean. i didnt try to be mean or anything.

EDIT: Okay just figured out that if i run the game in the archive whatever, it works fine. But i have noticed the bug that it always enables bloom and those things when i go back in the game, and i have to turn bloom on and off to get them off...

I can try to reupload the game later. I have tested and extracted the game with winrar. I have none of the problems you descriped.

Maybe there was a problem with itch.io because the server is responsable for create the zip file