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I bought this and was wondering in the section called "Another Failure" on page 6, what does forward mean? i doesn't seem to appear anywhere else.

"Forward" is a mechanic of Powered By the Apocalypse games that means a certain number modifies the result of your next roll or your next roll that meets a certain condition.  So in the case of Another Failure on a 10+ the target will subtract 1 from whatever the result of their next roll is. In the case of a 7-9 whoever used the move will subtract 1 from the next roll they make specifically for a move made toward the person they targeted. I didn't really think to include text explaining it since it's usually presupposed information in Powered By the Apocalypse games. Sorry about that!

Thank you, this is very helpful it's my first time doing something like this. I'm exited to play this, thank you for making it! have a lovely day.