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Aaaaaaa, that kind of controls again! :)

Jump button should be placed on top. it's a long story but the trend about jump placed on bottom started with a porting error from coinops to old consoles gamepads and keeped up by novadays... only a few games use the right method: Y for jump and B for action, both covered with the full thumb.

Consequently, others will be X for LightAttack, B for the Strong, A for Kick.

And here my serius control method: :P

Up for jump, better without multi jump, and most important the char must jump when touches the ground if the button is held down again in air.

X for LightAttack, Y for the Strong, A for Kick.

Uh.. just tried XInputPlus ( and I've fixed the controls, Also, balancing the rapidfire, now is possible to make a triple jump at max height by simply holding dpad Up. Well, thanks anyway, hope something here could help. :)

Good to know, tito :)