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So i just got through this game in 35 minutes and i gotta say this was quite the game. I discovered i had this game from the bundle and got hooked on the graphics so i decided to play it.

First of all the Level Design in this is sublime and you always know where you need to head to. The implementation of the checkpoints was also done well. Maybe its just me but when i got the rocket launcher doing skips was kind of easy

The music was overal nice everywhere

The Graphics that got me hooked in the first place were nice and I loved the colorschemes for the areas. aside from a glitch in the final skybox and a texture filtering glitch in the first room (which was not a good first impression)

There were plenty of enemies which seemed to all work great. And the bosses were also nice but could probably use some extra paterns.

my biggest critiques are on the GUI which was not that great to navigate. I mostly skipped all of the discs with the dialogues because i wanted to continue the adventure.

I see here that the price point is 10 USD which i think is a little too much for a game of this length because at that point you are competing with games like Terraria which provide atleast 100 hours of gameplay and more polish.

Overal pretty nice shooter if you are into this sort of aesthetic