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so maybe i'm an idiot and I'm missing something blatantly obvious, but can you get past the area south of the desert where the tiles looks like it says "wip" or is that the extent of the demo as of right now? BTW Winterdrake AMAZING JOB! I've been having a blast playing through these areas, however I'd agree with whom ever said it but having some kind of check point/save option at a camp fire would be great. Also if possible, you should totally include some kind of perfect guard or deflecting/knock back/stagger effect to the shield... that would be awesome! Again amazing job dude! best fan game I've played in a while, can't wait for the final version!!

So glad you like it!! and "WIP" stands for "Work In Progress" ;)

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ohhh, duh.. that makes so much sense lol. well I'll be waiting ainxiously for the next update, while waiting for BOTW hard mode haha.