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If I may ask would it be possible to get ”covers” on the pdf? It kinda bothers me that in my library the pdf looks like a charactersheet. Minor thing but in my opinion quite important. Many pdf’s are missing covers nowadays and it makes it difficult to look for them in the library.

Sure, we'll get that updated soon as possible! Thanks for the download!


I'm unsure when this was posted (as just lists it as "a year ago"), but considering I just updated to the second edition and it was dated November 20, 2020, it still doesn't have the cover. (It was bothering me also. That and it started on page 2. Is page 1 the character sheet?)

Also, your update said we could get SINS: Manifest Destiny from the Kickstarter, but that is no longer possible. Will you be bringing the pdf to I was able to find it on DriveThruRPG, but I had been hoping to get it through here to keep my stuff together.