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After deleting the cache I finally got the itch version to work. I lost my save from the Google play version, but it's worth it.

I legit snorted when I made Edel eat the muffins. I ratted him out every time he threatened me. HAHAHA Can't wait for more. (Here from Reddit, btw)

Most of the written portions of the game went by too quickly for me to adequately read it, so I am not exactly sure what I missed. Aside from that, it was very good at the atmospheric tension.

No, but it helps.

Usually, I play this on my tablet, but I installed it on my S22 Ultra to see if I could assist you.

While I had no issues, I was reminded while installing that you need to have "Install Unknown Apps" checked, which you can find in Biometrics and security.

I'm not sure how to help you, seeing as you did not give much information on your issue aside from "having trouble installing".

What happens when you attempt to install it? What errors (if any) pop up? Ms. Laws recently updated the apk, please check if that fixes your issue.

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You can download it through to play it on Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. (But not iOS. She's stated previously that Apple isn't affiliated with so you'd have to buy it through the iOS store to play it through there.)

There should be two files available to download, one for Android and one for everything else. She's always had Android available, and just recently updated both files.

If you already own the game you can click the download button at the top of the store page or in your library to bring you to the page to download the files. The Android apk is the second file (It's 1 GB).

Hopefully, this helps you find it!

It's still happening. Using the version 6 release from

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If I'm playing on Android (Samsung Galaxy Tab S6), how do I get out of looking at a particular gallery image? I tried my back button, using my mouse, tapping in different places... Nothing works. I have to get out of the game by going to the desktop to fix it. Is there supposed to be a button there?

I'm also not sure if you are aware, but the "sm2" bug is still there...

I'm unsure when this was posted (as just lists it as "a year ago"), but considering I just updated to the second edition and it was dated November 20, 2020, it still doesn't have the cover. (It was bothering me also. That and it started on page 2. Is page 1 the character sheet?)

Also, your update said we could get SINS: Manifest Destiny from the Kickstarter, but that is no longer possible. Will you be bringing the pdf to I was able to find it on DriveThruRPG, but I had been hoping to get it through here to keep my stuff together.

I'm on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, Android version 11. 

I tried the demo also from the Google play store and got the same result. 

I also forgot to mention that sometimes when I would click the icon to play, it would tell me "Permission Denied" and I'd have to go into the app's info and tell it to run from there (it would open, but still get the same results as before).

I tried playing this on Android after receiving it in a bundle, but the only thing that happens is the opening Argent Games screen, then it's a black screen. Uninstalling, re-downloading, and installing hasn't helped.

Any advice?

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You can change MC's first name. You can not change gender. (Although in the Wedding Episode you can choose male/female.)

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My wife bought me the Steam version of this yesterday, and I noticed that there are now typos in both stories. Specifically, once you start playing the second game, "sm2" will add itself as a prefix to random words in the game, distracting the reader. It has become frustrating for me to see it, as it breaks immersion. I was wondering if there was a way I could fix it myself so I didn't have to bother you (yes, I realize I'm now bothering you with this, lol) or if we just should suffer with it.

I was also wondering about the guides that are available for the games. When this bundle came out, the guides did not transfer with it. Will you be creating guides for them, or transferring the ones you have? I'm just curious. I can just make my own walkthrough/guide if you decide not to.

I was kind of disappointed to see that there was no harem route for the boys. In the beginning of the game, it gave the impression that this could happen, so to see the option not there, it was a bit of a surprise. From reading your answers to other questions about this, I can kind of get why it isn't there, but I can see a world where that could be a possibility. I know you have the harem epilogue, but it was too short and the cg was vastly different from how the boys looked in others, so it was a bit jarring. Not that it was bad, the artist is very good, it was just a surprise to see.

At any rate, I was very excited to receive this as a gift. I am writing a fan-fiction starring the boys, so this really helps to remind me of the canon and refresh my memory of just how much I enjoyed the world-building of the second game. If you ever decide to write a novel instead of a vn game with the characters/world of Seduce Me, I would buy it in a snap.

Thank you so much for your hard work and vision.