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you're amazing for making this thank you so much, it's so relaxing

p.s. is there a way to fullscreen it on a second monitor? when i fullscreen it pops back to my first monitor

Thank you, I'm glad you like it :) Something changed recently with Windows and it broke dual-monitor support. I got it working in the Beta version I'm rewriting, and I need to test it on a few more screens and on macOS before I put it on the Downloads page.

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Hello, I just added Pixel_Fireplace_Beta_v092 to the downloads which has dual-monitor support. Double-click to toggle full screen on and off. It shouldn't pop back to the first monitor in that version.

Hello, someone else was having the same issue with their secondary screen. I found the problem and fixed it (on my machine at least!). Hoping it's fixed for you now too. The fix is in the latest version 1.2.2 up on the Downloads Page and Itch App.