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So I am the type of person who said more often "Alexa, fireplace sounds" than "Alexa, start Spotify". This game does that, with some glorious pixel animations on top of it. The sounds are great and you have some really pretty color palettes that you can playfully explore with its easy word based system. Its basically perfect for what it is. I want a PS5 version please. :P On one hand, its not really a "game" or has a lot of "content". On the other hand, its something I would absolutely regularly use cause of how hell it does that one thing. Its more of a tool and I really wanted to give it a shoutout here though, cause I know there are dozens of us digital fireplace connoisseurs. DOZENS. Unratable / 5 Dream wish: add a guitar that you can play with your keyboard for soft sounds with fire cracking in the background. <3

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Thank you for your thoughtful review! I'm glad you enjoy it. I've thought about adding instruments like guitar and banjo in the past. If I decide to add more commands someday that could happen.

I'm enjoying reading some of your other Quick Impressions reviews as well :)


Haha, that would be lovely. I am looking forward to get the itch notification for the update ;)

Glad you enjoy the quick impressions, only an eternity left until I am done with them, haha.