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Hi, is there a way that i could use this deck online with friends? I bought the BLM bundle so I already own it but id like to use it in some online ttrpg games


You may use the artwork for anything commercial or non-commercial, with attribution ("DevlynJD" or "Greebles") and can use the work in whole or in part for whatever project you have, online or offline without further permissions. Please do not directly redistribute the assets.

You cannot create derivatives or make changes to the art beyond technical-use case needs without permission. (This is only to protect the BLM Add-On.)

E.g. You can slice up the spritesheets, adjust the timing and order of the animations, and present the art however you see fit, but you can't just go and alter the depiction of the King of Diamonds so that he is holding a baguette without asking... 

But since we're talking about them, you have permission to add baguettes. Say "baguette" real quiet-like and slow, like it's a dirty word or something. Try not to smile. I mean it's just bread? Baguette.