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I totally picked mechanic at first, yes! *fist pump* It's really cool of you to reply to all of us here and answer questions. I was hoping the occupations played a part in the story as well, but I totally understand you can only do so much with the time you have. I'd be happy to keep waiting and not have anything cut, but the show must go on I suppose! I hope someday you can go back and add whatever got cut and any extras, but either way I'll be ecstatic to play the full game. I've never used this site before, so I have no idea if you pay before you dl or if it's all free, but either way I'm more than happy to pay/donate for this gem and any future content.


Haha, this will definitely be a free game, no worries on that front. Itch.io has both free and commercial games available for download here, as well as some that are pay-what-you-want... Basically, you just have to look at each game's page to know which type it is. :)

Yeah, if I wasn't already swamped with my bigger, flagship title, I would have loved to continue working on this until all the planned content was done, but unfortunately, I'm on a deadline that I have to get back to... Maybe in the future.

Thanks so much for your comments! Hope you enjoy the finished game!