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this meant a lot to me and was a very emotional read. i'm a trans girl myself, except i'm still in high school and haven't come out yet. i haven't even really found myself yet, either. i'm suffering from a lot of the problems you mentioned, and actually seeing someone in a similar situation to me made me feel a bit more whole. thank you for writing this, and for letting other people like me know that we're not alone. i almost cried when i saw how pretty you were. i cried because it truly made me feel that i could some day be that beautiful. and i can't thank you enough for letting me feel like that. [p.s., i just 100%ed anodyne by way of the $5 blm bundle and loved every second of it. your art and writing is really amazing! i'm hoping to pick up anodyne 2 as soon as i can! keep up the amazing work!!! :)]


Thank you for sharing this, sending sweetness and safety to you. You deserve to feel happy and whole, and to be free to explore. Appreciate your kind words!