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Your game is awesome! Just found a small bug, it's not breaking but limits gameplay a bit, if a screen pops up while moving the camera around it'll end up with the mouse cursor dissapearing until you open the game again.

Just a little bug, love the game regardless!

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Hi! I'll take a look at that for the next patch. Thanks for the report and apologies for any inconvenience!


I'm having some trouble reproducing this. Could you please email through your system specs and a copy of the game log from a play session where this has occurred to the address listed under the "Technical help" section here on the store page?

Heyo! Yes I was playing for a bit and it seems that the problem wasn't from the tutorial screen popping but rather moving around the camera, it seems to get fixed whenever I move the mouse outside the game window.

Thanks for the extra clarification! If you could send through a copy of your game log and system specs, I'll be happy to look further into this.

I am getting this issue as well but I am not sure what's causing it. Sometimes I think it's the mousewheel scroll to move the screen but then it doesn't happen at all.... Cursor comes back into visibility after leaving the game window and coming back.


Thanks for the report. I really need to see game logs and system specs before I can look further into this. If you could send something through to the address listed under the "Technical help" section here on the store page, I'll be happy to look into it.

Following up, this has now been resolved in v1.1-30. Thanks to spartanchick316 for sending through some further information!