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Hi! :)
So I've been playing the extended version of the demo and it's really great so far, but I have a little problem with the room, (or it's just me being stupid because I didn't read through it properly), but it was a Sunday so I had nothing to do, but I couldn't exit the apartment? There's probably a button right there and I'm just blind, but do you think you could tell me where it is? xD I've been stuck in the room for about 20 minutes.
Thank you~ <3

During the Sunday, you can't exit your room, but you are able to invite the guys on a date (with the button near your phone).

Or, is there no button at all in your screen? If yes, that's probably a bug that needs to be squashed xD

The same thing happend to me on SUNDAY, 26/1, so it's probably just the end of the demo

Hm, actually this demo ends on 15th February, so that shouldn't happen.

Did you do any particular thing the night before? (During my playtesting, I experience that too, but it happened so randomly I couldn't find the cause.)

I had the same thing happen to me on the 26 day of January too!

and when i exited out and tried to play again i ended up geting this error page :(


Did you download the extended demo?

(bcs the error page displays Seiyuu Danshi Demo 2.04 which is the previous version of the game)

Same thing happened to me. Stuck in the apartment on a Sunday because there are no buttons to interact with so now I can't get passed Jan. 26th.