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I really enjoyed this! I felt it was a bit vanilla, but that was decidedly what you were going for so you succeeded there. The sprites were gorgeous, the enemy designs fantastic, and I loved the battle backgrounds. The writing for incidental things like battle and library books and some flavorful dialogue was funny as well. I didn't listen to the music much (my kid won't let me play if he hears it) but what I did listen to was great as well.

Critically, I would suggest the economy of things was sometimes off. It might have been by design, but whereas you start off struggling like you often would in RPGs, by the time I completed the first tower I was running around with thousands of gold, and since every fight soon was giving me 50+ gold, I could just potion up after every fight. Magic wise, I wasn't sure about the most expensive spells costing up to 40 MP to inflict only one extra round of status effect, plus they did no damage unlike the lower tier spells. And while I loved the quality of life feature of the auto save, it's worth pointing out that you can easily abuse it to explore dungeons you're underleveled for and loot them by just repeatedly dying and loading the autosaves.

Anyway I don't mean to complain, just offer my own 2 cents. Took me 7 hours and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and look forward to what you do in the future! Thanks for your support to the bundle and Black Lives Matter.


Hi! Thanks for the kind words! Your comments are really spot on, we wanted to make a vanilla RPG that could be played anywhere, anytime. That's why it may be too forgiving at times; we chose to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone over making a challenging game.
We are really glad you enjoyed it and happy to support the bundle!