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I Loved Your Games I’m from India BTW! I always played your games when I was 4-8 years but whenever I played Traffic Slam 2, It lags too much!

I hope you’ll reach $10000 goal so you’ll be able to hire some new workers! 🥰

Thanks for creating such awesome games “I’ve never played Super Man OR Monster”

but I’ve played some of your games like: “Burnin’ Rubber, Traffic Slam 1 and 3, Downtown Drift, and Rally Point Series!”

Thanks for Creating Such Awesome games I’ve bought Burnin’ Rubber 3 on My Desktop and Burnin’ Rubber 5 HD on My Laptop. I have to download Burnin’ Rubber 5 HD on My AMD A6 Laptop because My Desktop had 32-bit Windows 7 with Intel Core 2 Duo. It needed 64-bit.

I had 64-bit Windows 7 but my Windows got corrupted and when I checked my newly installed Windows 7, it had 32-bit!

I hope you’ll create such games again!


Sorry for too many comments.

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Because I don’t have a Discord Server Account! So I can’t share my ideas with you there! One day I will have my own Discord Server Account. And I will share my ideas with you!


Traffic Slam 2 still Lags on My new laptop, which is very painful! DK (Don’t Know) How did You created this game! It lags painfully on my new laptop too!

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Hi! We won't be adding any new content to the old games. It's almost impossible to do even if we'd want to. Sorry!