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Thank you for letting me know! I'll retry when you upload the new version then!

Thanks for your patience. We think that we caught the bugs this time but let us know if there are any more!

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Soo! I've got one of the romantic endings, and everything was fine on the ending page too!

And the ending was definitely cute as hell haha!

But I've seen another bug, that I believe wasn't there before, or maybe I didn't stumble upon it. First thing I've tried with the new version was to get defeated in the maze, just in case it leads to an ending. It didn't, so I've realoaded my game, but I was starting the next fight with -20HP. Because of that, even with healing, I was defeated on the next turn. So I've started a new game from the beginning, and I was starting with 0HP this time. I was able to continue anyway since after a few tries I've managed to heal and the princess dodged the hit, but well, something isn't right about that, obviously

EDIT: oh yeah, and I don't know if it's a bug, but I usually save at each choice to see the various ways it can unfold depending on my answer, and if I do it here, it takes me back not to the choice itself but to the beginning of the conversation. And if wanting to save at the last scene of the game, it still takes me waaay back to when they discovered the edge. It may be a design choice as I've seen that before, but it usually doesn't take you so much back, so I figured I'll point it out.


Wow. I have no idea what the issue with -20HP is! If anyone else gets the same issue, we'll look into it for sure.

Thanks for being so in depth. <3

You're welcome! Hope it helps!

Aside from that, haven't noticed any issue!


Hi! I'm also experiencing the -20 issue ;-;