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this is actually wonderful and really really exciting??  ive spent the past decade complaining that spore couldve been so much more even just in the cell stage and this is EXACTLY what i meant. the accolades!! the game awards!!! the respect!!!! may you be eternally blessed with the excitement and motivation and willpower to continue to work and expand on this. thank you for contributing to this bundle supporting what matters and happy pride month!!!!!

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(also, the wiggler presets crash the game even with the changes widget77 mentioned below if you didn't know yet) (aLSO i noticed that theres a subreddit for this in the readme.txt. would it be too much to ask for the link on this page? i really want to see what other people create with this and thought that might be a good way to start!!)


Haha, I'd kinda forgotten about the reddit. It was more active back when I was running the Kickstarter. Here it is, I'll add a link to the game description.

Ran into the wiggler crash today. When I make a new release it often breaks a lot of the old creatures, and I don't always catch them. I spent today re-making the stock creatures and removing the crashing ones.

Happy pride month ~ 🌺