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Unfortunately, the only customization visually is an outfit which you receive once completing the game. Originally you were supposed to be able to choose between a female or male but ultimately it had to be scrapped. Maybe in the future but no guarantees. I think there's a clip of the female pirate in the very first trailer released.

I'm going to plug my other game for a second though (forgive me) just in case you'd be interested in the can't choose gender but there's a ton of visual armor/clothing options. Including dresses.

You can play an old free prologue/demo here:


Full game here: (Tons of armor/clothing to mess around with)

After The End: The Harvest

Really glad you're enjoying Mutiny Island. Thank you!

Thats a shame it got scrapped but Nonetheless haveing fun with the game and I might buy After The End: The Harvest after a bit with this game looks good.