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Easily one of the most unique horror games I've played this year! Loved the idea of having helpful and not so helpful yokai too, lovely idea to mix those together.

Having a needle and thread gameplay system is not something I thought I would ever see, but you know what, it works really well! I did have a couple of issues, but nothing I wasn't able to overcome!

It did take me a little while to get used to the concept too, but again, once I got the hang of it, it wasn't so bad. It can be a bit disconcerting to be able to highlight up interactable objects when you're too far away to do so though, that threw me off a couple of time!

Overall this was an inventive, clever, equally scary and cute little demo and I am very hyped to see more of this in the future =)


Thank you for your detailed and kind feedback MikeyBlighe! Your note on the interactable highlight was especially helpful, and our team has been looking into it for a smoother experience in the future!