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Thanks, I'm glad you're liking the app! I will definitely look into your idea for a 'sync with real time' feature. In the meantime, did you know that you can click further down on the screen to make the sky darker? That might help you use the app at night. There is also an 'auto-dim after 5 minutes of inactivity' option that might help. 

As for the rain sounds themselves, I originally created Just Rain because I found the alternatives (particularly on mobile) to have really tinny sounds and very obvious, short loops. To achieve the effect you noticed, I'm layering several  different sound recordings over each other and adjusting the volume of each as you click in different areas on screen. Each recording is long (over a minute at least) and high quality, to prevent looping being obvious or repetitive.  It took a lot of testing and mixing to get it to feel right, I'm glad you appreciate it!

I did notice the sky getting darker when I make the rain heavier, I’m just too addicted to the randomized weather cycle because of the smooth transitions lol. I’ll have to try out the dimming function tho, I misunderstood it’s function and thought it was something like a computer's sleep function.

Thanks for the explanation on how the sounds work btw!. All that tinkering really paid off, it sounds great! :D