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I did notice the sky getting darker when I make the rain heavier, I’m just too addicted to the randomized weather cycle because of the smooth transitions lol. I’ll have to try out the dimming function tho, I misunderstood it’s function and thought it was something like a computer's sleep function.

Thanks for the explanation on how the sounds work btw!. All that tinkering really paid off, it sounds great! :D

Loving this so far, rain and thunderstorms always make me super relaxed.

Any chance that the time could be reflected in the darkness of the sky as one of the options? I'd love to use it for falling asleep, but the brightness of the sky is one of the things that's keeping me from doing that.

Also wondering how you got the rain and thunder sounds to be so smooth and merge into each other so well. It's honestly amazing how high quality the sound and particles are.