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Hey, just wanted to say thank you so much for including this in the Racial Justice Bundle. This is not normally the sort of thing I'd check out but my wife and I had an absolutely fantastic time with it. It's hard to find good tabletop content for just two players, but this really scratched that itch.

 Can't wait to check out more of your work!

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Elisha and I want to say thanks to both of you for playing! If you like 2-player games you should check out the Party of One podcast by Jeff Stormer, which highlights a lot of 2-player games from diverse creators!

And some of the Games we have streamed are also meant for 2 players!

I would also suggest Monolock and Become One, which are from our #RPGSEA friends who also took part in the Emotional Mecha Jam! Not necessarily 2-player, but other takes on the same themes that inspired Ech0!

Wow, thank you for such a detailed and thoughtful reply! I'll definitely look into these recommendations too!