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Okay, more data. I'm playing on a Mac.

Playing version 0.9.12 "Spleen", the very first enemy I kill in the game is worth like 200 points, and the multiplier goes up by 0.2, then 0.2, then 0.4, then 0.4, then 0.6... I finish level 1 with about 3000 points.

Playing version 0.9.14 "Brains", the first enemy is about 100 points and the multiplier only goes up by 0.1 each time no matter what. I finish Level 1 with about 1000 points.

I seem to have missed 0.9.13, so the change could have been there too.

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Ugh. I know what this is. You, sir, are a genius for spotting this.

There has been a bug for months. When a creature died, it died at least twice...

...but the reward code was broken, so creatures never dropped the correct rewards - just a single one. Twice.

I fixed it.

This broke the multiplier code. I will fix. Thanks so much!

[Edit: (sigh) fixed!]