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Hi-o / Heads up:
Catalina refuses to run the version I was able to download from the main page. The app itself is marked created March 26, 2020 (so I assume it's at least as recent as the notarized version listed here), but Catalina isn't having it.  If it helps, in the info.plist, the CFBundleInfoDictionaryVersion is 6.0.


Was the reason you were unable to run it due to security warnings, or was it because of a different error? If it's because of security warnings, those can be bypassed and the game should run okay.

So this is weird: 
Download, unzip, double-click-to-open or right click -> open gives the new Catalina security warning with only two options "move to trash" and "cancel" — no open option.

Trash the app, bring it back from the trash, right click -> open, get the old security warning that includes an "open" option...

So its running! But Catalina is being real goofy... 


That's SUPER weird. I'm glad you got around it eventually!