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A bit of a spoiler here! 

Hey, I would like to thank you for this wonderful game. No words can describe what I felt after playing this game. It's like a feeling of bitterness with a drop of happiness. Bittersweet? I think that's the word. I really can't thank you enough, and I didn't realize it until now that memories should be treasured, no matter how cruel or happy it could be. All in all, I love your game and the characters, especially the story. It's kind of realistic with a pinch of fiction. But I love what I saw though, a hard punch of reality isn't bad, after all it is where we are right now. So once again, thank you for making this wonderful game. 

P.S. It made me cry though, and it sure is worth a tear drop, although I cried like child (yep, I'm exaggerating a bit but I really cried) 

Thank you so much for your hearty comment! I am really happy it could give you so much :)


You're welcome! It's a wonderful experience to play this game, so please make more of it. You made a wonderful story and I hope you make more wholesome stories.