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This looks very cool.  I was introduced to the game by a friend who wanted to play it on Roll20 and was showing off the game to me.  So I purchased a copy and dived into HTML and CSS.

8 hours later I have a Roll20 compatible character sheet based upon the Powered by the Apocalypse character sheet.  All the bits (other than equipment) get swapped in and out depending upon which character you choose.

Please let me know if you want to add a community sheet for Escape from Dino Island to the Roll20 collection.  You are welcome to the changes I made.  Let me know.

Hey dude! I like the whole idea of a HTML/CSS made sheet. Is it open to public? I am probably making some sessions soon, so it would be great to have it.

Here you are! These were the most up to date version I came up with. It is aimed at Roll20, so there is likely to be some weirdness from their stuff.  Please note that I don't really know HTML and CSS, but I can fake it with Google!  Also, I didn't drop all of the translations from the HTML, so you'll likely need to either incorporate the translations or edit them out.


Dropbox link to files

Thank you! These are great enough as it is. Cheers!

Hey there! Sorry I missed this.

Neither Sam nor I really use Roll20, so we don't know much about what it means to add a community sheet to the Roll20 collection, but if it helps people play online, then we are absolutely in favor of it.

If you wanna chat more about it, also feel free to email us at escapefromdinoisland [a]

I was just looking to set up a game on roll20 and was disappointed not to find a sheet for this. If you could add yours/have it added (no idea how that works), that'd be sweet!