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This game has been a hell of a ride, and I mean it in a good way. 

Let's take my main complaint out of the way before talking about how great this game is: I was kinda frustrated with the upgrade system, as it didn't feel to me like it paid any justice to the premise of augmenting yourself to survive an alien world. For a game where your choices are meant to have impact, it felt like most of them had none at all outside combat, except for the very few story ones (namely, Interface and Wings). Maybe more unique features and even incompatibilities between some of them, to which you could choose properly what to use (like what already happens with the Alien; if you're not one, then you don't get Wings) would benefit the experience a lot. Of course, that would require quite the expansion in exploration too (which I've seen is already being done with 1.2).

With that minor complaint aside, I just have to say the story is simply awesome. Every interaction between characters was delightful to read, and it portrays very well the dangers of an alien world where humanity was not meant to tread. It involves quite a handful of philosophical questions and dilemmas on some parts, which I appreciate, as it helps the narrative grow by exploring the nature of humanity and their constant seeking for power. Now, I really need to share some thoughts about everything that transpired, and that will contain spoilers. But if what you're wondering is if the game is worth playing, the answer is yes. If you're into the classical RPG gameplay loop of beating monsters to level up and get stronger to explore harder areas AND also like reading, it is absolutely worth your while.

*If someone is reading this without having played through the game, beware of SPOILERS BELOW.*

I got ending 12 on my first playthrough. ALMOST asked Esra to terminate me so I could finish the experience in a more morbid tone, but curiosity made me ask if there wasn't a way back home, and Ash decided to help me. I'm not gonna lie, it's kind of a cheesy ending, but still a good one nonetheless. I guess the only reason I say that is because I did not expect a ending like that at all, where no one significant (that was already alive to begin with) dies. There's just a point in the game where you realize how serious and dire the situation you and everyone else in the game are caught into is, and when you think it couldn't get worse, it does, providing that exact feeling of "this story is gonna make me suffer, isn't it?". The ending sequence reinforced exactly that for me; every single leader pressuring you to choose sides and make sacrifices in the name of their society, leaving you in a position of asking yourself constantly if you're really making the right choice. It felt like a game where no true good ending exists, and maybe I was right. Considering all the loss the player character has experienced, all the tragedy they have seen... To think they would choose to continue living with that afterwards just for the sake of trying to help people, is insane.

Another part of the ending sequence that caught my attention was the "it was all a simulation!" narrative. As my character emerged from the pod and received the news they just passed the test as a Corrector, I swear I felt just as lost as them. Everything we just experienced, gone down the drain. Exploring the ship and interacting with people, especially Ash, felt surreal. I had put that feeling aside for a moment, but there was just something in the time between reading the weird books and speaking with Esra again, right before bringing them up to her, that made my brain unable to ignore the thought that none of that was real and we actually fucking died. It was such a well done ending route, I'm glad I got it first try.

This game is full of bittersweet endings, lovable characters (despite not being able to check on them outside story; maybe on 1.2 or 1.3?), and great dialogues. Esra surely lightened up my day. Might as well say she's the true MVP of this whole game, and I loved her company. Good luck with your future improvements on the game! I absolutely love your work. 馃挏

Thank you! These are great enough as it is. Cheers!

Hey dude! I like the whole idea of a HTML/CSS made sheet. Is it open to public? I am probably making some sessions soon, so it would be great to have it.

I've tried to host and couldn't do it. I use the default port (25525) and also tried both public and local IP, but "connection_timeout" always haunt me. I've set some new rules for both Firewall and router too; still couldn't do it.  How am I supposed to host a server?