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Cool game. The pixel art is really nice and the game has a fun concept. I like that you ride on this giant thing :). Sadly, the game is buggy, you often get stuck in a something. Furthermore it wasn't really clear to me how the gameplay mechanics really worked. The first few levels I just did something, spamming z mostly, without understanding the cloud mechanic. But maybe this was just because the clouds were buggy and behaved different each time I pressed z. Lastly, I didn't like the cloud blocking thingy, when you are not above the giant you get blocked. It felt restricting and made the controlls feel alot worse. In two levels I was faster than the giant and I had to wait for him to move. Still I think there is a really neat concept here!

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Thank you for your comment! Also you're completely right about the bugs, I realized my faults late last night and I'm going to be fixing as much as I can now. I'm ashamed at how frustrating the clouds actually are.

Edit: The game has been updated with bug fixes.