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What's the license on this? Commercial? Derivatives? Redistribution? In your interior tileset bundle, the following was said:

"I dont know a lot about licenses but as long you dont resell or redistribute it you can edit and use it as you like for as many projects as you'd like."

"Can I use this resource for commercial games?"
"Yes, you can!"

Please take a look at the Creative Commons licenses. I'm sure you can find one you are happy with


Yeah, I'm currently working on figuring this stuff out. Thank you for suggesting Creative Commons, I took a look and wasnt too sure about any of them but I'll keep looking.

 I don't wanna commit to anything without being sure first.  I'll probably put together a little FAQ at the very least this week.

What I can tell you is that you're free to use it in as many   commercial projects as you want and you can edit it as you want. The only thing you can't do is sell or redistribute the tileset itself in raw format. For example: lets say you build a map creation tool for your game, you need some way to protect the png file  so that way people can't just go to the  editor's folder and grab the file and start using it themselves for their own projects without having to buy it from here.

Hopefully that asnwers most questions? Let me know if theres anything else you'd like me to clear up