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Forget that last reply, I just updated it with a few things and an animated torch is among them :D

Yes I do commissioned work :D

You're welcome! It's also worth noting that I'm not sure if RMMV has a specific way you need to set up the tileset like I know RMVX had, so if there is, you'd have to edit it yourself as well to make it fit their default setup

If I'm not mistaken, RMMV's tile size is 48x48, right? The tile size I worked with here is 16x16, so the only two ways I can see this working with RMMV is if you resize my tileset to 3x it's original size, or if you had a way to change RMMV's default tile size.

(1 edit)

I enjoy working mostly on environmental art, that's why I only made the tileset. The character sprites you see in the screenshots only have that single frame done, which is why I didn't include them in.

Tha being said, I might actually do a pack for a few sprites in the near future :)

Thank you for your feedback! At the moment I'm currently working on updating my other platformers tilesets, but I may go back to this in the future :D

Thank you! 

Thank you very much, I hope you have fun with it :D

You absolutely can!

As for your second question, unfortunally right now I'm not available for any commissioned work.

Hi, thank you :)

As far as I'm interested, once aquired my assets are yours to do anything you want(aside from reselling or redistributing it).