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Haha yeah the cat one is an oldie but a goodie-- I really wanted to do more with Sparkles / Remmy  but it ended up on the cutting room floor.

(spoilers) :

You've seen most of the endings-- The Ending 1 you described is different from Ending 2 if you choose to become the new Greenmother right away. I think you got all the other ones though. I can see how it might look like they would be the same though. I'll think about if there's a better way to broadcast the difference in outcomes-- it's surprisingly hard to convey some things to the player in IF . 

Thanks as always for playing through and for your feedback. It's very much appreciated!

Wow I finished the best path -> choose to become the new Greenmother, and became a giant .. tree? Does it matter whether I choose to be the New Greenmother, Purplemother, or Greatmother?

Nice! Those choices are just for flavor now, but depending on how my other projects go I'd like to revisit the whole Greenmother miniverse and maybe expound on those a little more.