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I love this game! I'm not the most patient kind of person, so when I managed to sit through the entire game up to unlocking the secret end, it goes to show how captivating how this is. XD I was hesitant to get it, but the more I looked at Marco and Feathor in the cover art, the more mysterious and more intrigued I am with the game. So color me surprised when you-know-what was explained.

*HEAVY spoilers*

My favourite route is the two endings of Feathor. His route had acted as the climax of the story, and despite what Marco and Feathor says that he can't love or has ever love someone before, his actions towards Mariko seems to show differently. There is no VA, but I always imagine whenever Feathor call her name, to be one of fond amusement and maybe some exasperation. The fact that he sacrificed his time in the barrier (1 year! that's quite some dedication) to find a cure/temporary solution for Mariko's curse (was this ever explained anywhere how it came about?) and his dialogue to Mariko during the true end for the other characters, seems to indicate otherwise. Love is sacrifice. Though Marco had that in spades, I feel we can't discount Feathor's later devotion either. I have to admit he is still a pretty shitty guy, the kind parents ask you to stay away from, but he is such a complicated fellow it's a joy to unravel him.

*End spoilers*



Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I love to hear what people think about the game and the characters especially, so reading your comment made me really happy! :) I also like your interpretation of Feathor's character. It's one of those things I wanted the players to wonder about and try to draw conclusions for themselves, so it makes me think I did something right in that regard. ;)