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Will the last two updates be coming to linux soon?

.. for that matter, what happened to the linux version? I bought it a few days ago and now I'm seeing only windows.

Hi, I did publish out a Linux version, and I can definitely do that for the new versions, I just don't have access to the resources I used to test them right now so I didn't feel great about posting them. But Yes I can post the newest update in Linux on Saturday

I'd appreciate it! the build I downloaded seemed to run fine, but I was hesitant to get too far into it since some of the bugs fixed in newer builds looked pretty critical. I think it'd be fair to post linux builds with a warning that you have no way of testing / supporting them currently.

Hi Riley, I published a Linux build with the latest updates. Let me know if it works for you!

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Oh sure thing! I'm currently in a bit of a liminal state, but I'll get on it once I am settled into my new place.

I'm planning on streaming some of the racial justice bundle games for some friends on discord soon, and I technically bought this before then, but it'll definitely be part of the lineup now.

Oh and thank you!

I tried the linux build. The precaching was really slow, I even thought it was a performance problem, but all is smooth now. Fullscreen does not work but that's not a big deal for me. On the other hand, what I find annoying is that the mouse is captured by the game window and you can only change window by alt-tab (to write this for instance) which takes a good five seconds. Other than that, no graphic bug until now and I am enjoying the game. I don't know why but it reminds me of Little Big Adventure (a.k.a Relentless).