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Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here:


1. I very much enjoyed the puzzles. They are the main feature of the game and you have nailed them! I think they were rather original (at least for me) and interesting to figure out. Though, at first it was hard to figure out what to do because I didn't know what I was looking for so I had to spend lots of time in the first area.

2. I enjoyed the environment. It was cool how it changed after each solved puzzle near the end but still there were hints left for the player to figure out where to go. Very cool!

3. The stories were creepy. I didn't read them all I have to admit, but the things I have read were spooky. The game has created a very good ambiance and the voice acting also helped with this task. I enjoyed it quite a lot.


1. The game lacks horror aspects for a horror experience. The place is creepy but there is no feel of danger or even pressure. It would be cool if some sequences would be timed (or at least you had a feeling of being timed) or if the monster that is seen once would appear more.

2. As I have mentioned before - at the start the player does not know what they are looking for so maybe it would be nice to add a note that would hint that you need to pay extra attention on what you read. Because I honestly thought that the spelling mistakes were the spelling mistakes and you need to check each corner for some instruments.


I think the experience was very interesting. I am so glad I played the game! It may benefit from some more horror elements but overall it deserves 5 stars as is! Btw, I think I had the version before the updates so I am really sorry if some of my points are irrelevant atm!

Hope my feedback was useful!