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Hey thanks for your nice words. We really do like to hear that you got excited even without ever played it xD
No seriously, thanks for cheering up and sharing your excitement!
We are really looking forward to make this game happen. Still a lot of big questionmarks on our way. But we will not give up! :-)

Who is "we" btw?

Eric from Wild Woods :-)

Thank you for your nice answer. 

"we" are a group of 10+ friends (mostly back from school) who are now 35+ who are regularly playing coop games and organizing coop weekends to meet up in person since we are allscattered over germany (too). we are also at the beginning of launching our own coop centric website where we keep track of what we played and liked (it is already a huge list) and make recommendations for other dedicated coop groups. so your game fits right in! maybe also a reason why we got excited by just looking at the game since we are used to watching loads of trailers to choose the games we want to play. we also have quite the experience and consider ourselves able to judge from trailers what we might like.  it is a little embarrassing but in a good way :)

All the best! Will come back with feedback one day!