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I just finished my first play through and damn,,, I did not expect this game to make me as soft as it did. You all did a wonderful job writing the characters and exploring the world. It's strange but it makes sense and is beautiful in it's own way!

One criticism I have is that there's a couple of typos/grammatical errors in Brattan's route! They're not a big deal it was just something I noticed.

Overall this is one of my new favorite VNs! I'll definitely be coming back to this title in the near future <3

Aw gosh, we're both really grateful for your lovely comment, and we're really glad you enjoyed the game! Hearing that you think so highly of it really means more than we could possibly say.

We apologise for the typos! We do have a fix in the works for several things that should also repair that, but we've been set back by various challenges this year. We hope we can address it in future!

Thank you so much for playing our game!