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I would never tell anyone to give up on something, especially when they've done more than I could ever do. So here is just a few feedback points:

The scale makes everything feel strange and hard to tell where you're going. I don't have a good answer for that, but it's just what I felt as I played.

Something that makes Starfox intense is the speed at which you can move. Mouse control could help here. 

Otherwise I genuinely enjoy the simplistic aesthetic and straight forwardness of gameplay. It reminds me a lot of the games I'd spend hours digging up on the internet when I was young, and that's a good thing.

have you got to the second level? It’s a lot narrower and very windy. I felt like it was quite hectic. If you have do you feel differently?


I haven't yet, I've been sort of going through the BLM game list and trying different things out, adding the things I want to come back to to a collection. I have this on the list as well. I think it comes less to how much is on screen and more to how quickly you can move. 
I only say that for the StarFox comparison, if slow and methodical was your intention, then it's fine.