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I see this as a remarkable allegory on God and the role humanity plays in environmentalism (not a hot take, but if anyone needs a little push: You play as a bird that wanders and listens, appreciating what the ocean has given them, wanting to listen to it's provider's woes (it's home that is now in pain). The people are angry, they only take what the ocean - a mystic, ever-morphing, almighty force of nature - grants to them (hence the automatic assumption after years of humanity's resource abuse and environmental negligence, that the ocean makes when a new living creature approaches - "you only want me to grant your wish") the bird, this living creature content with merely living in the land it is provided, wishes nothing from the oceans offer beyond continuing the life it lives on Earth.

I dunno, I know it's very black and white, but I just like to sort it out anyways.

This is an incredibly special vignette, worthy of the weight it's message caries.