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hi stronger! for the next updates, Can you introduce more choice of sentences with an impact on the story,please. i have finish your awsome game and i love it! good work.  My best purchase ,love your game!

i dont know how many hours have you past on it, but it's a beautiful game. have a good day, see you later!

I would love to see more choices too, I love when games are more interactive instead of just watch and "play"


I'll introduce more choices in the future, that's for sure. Also to expand my response to the original comment: right now the plots/side stories have just started and I'll like the players to know more about the characters before I introduce impactful choices so that way these choices really mean something important. I just don't want to add routes just to have them.


I'm already planning to introduce more choices in the future. Just right now I think it is too early in some plots to see an actual impact in them and in the main story. Also I'm a bit limited right now with what I can do and introduce in the story, mainly because I'd need to have more sprites and other graphic material if I want to have more "routes". But don't worry, this story will have more choices, and with the help of the supporters I'll be able to get the graphic material I'll need.
You just wait when we get to CHAPTER 2 and CHAPTER THREE ;)