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Towers are a kind of turret, food is for health and by orbs are bosses.

Extra suggestions:

-Working spots for npc's (farms, woodcutters hut, fishing hut, etc.)

-Shooting holes for in the wall. (after the wall bug is fixed)

-Barbed wire (for slowing zombies down)

-Animal traps (for animals if they will be added)

-Perks/skills (like faster walking, more food from trash cans, more wood from trees)

-ability to fish (like small fish, medium fis, big fish and each one gives a diff amount of food)

-Pets (like a dog or cat maybe a bird that fly around the map searching for survivors)

-Hostile survivors (not everyone is good.. DEAL WITH IT!)

-Crafting items (like nails that you need to find or a hammer.. maybe parts for a special chainsaw)

-Diff cars (like a truck whit a gun on the back rly fun when playing with friends)

-Raids (diff city's that are attacking)

-A option that teleport all the players when player one enter a diff area (because some people are just faster then others)

-Diff kind of zombies (Like militaraire zombies that give bullets)

-More traps (its a defending game with 1 trap... maybe some traps that you can re arm like bear traps)

^^here a hole list of ideas,

thx for spending time on reading it :D!