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Yeah Unarchiver just leads to a different error:


Right click on it, click open, then it will have an option to run it! Also, move the file into the application (or a non-desktop folder), otherwise you'll get stuck in the tutorial and never be able to advance to another level.

does not work for me :(

I found if you do it twice it'll work. The first time i just got the verification error with "move to bin" or "cancel", but when I did it again by right-clicking/open, it gave me the option to open as well as the other two.

nope :(


try this: right-click, then hold the Alt (Option) key, then click Open.

if you want to make it so you don't have to right click, then select open, you can run sudo spctl --master-disable

worked here! :)


Same, following the instructions to download via Unarchiver, moving it to another folder, and then opening it works. Thanks everyone.