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The game doesn't start for me. Not via the launcher or via the executable. You have a nested folder that could be the issue.

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Thanks Michael. We'll look into it!
If it's not running via the executable either, then there's probably some other issue on top of nested folders. Could you explain a bit more what happens when you press launch or run the .exe file? If there's any error message that pops up, it will help immensely if you could share that as well.

I don't get any error message the executable simply doesn't start anything. This could be something thats only  an issue on my machine though. Does it start for you?

Yes, it starts for me and the others that have tested through Itch so far. I would still like to figure out what the issue is for you so we can implement a fix accordingly.


It's probably some dependency issues on my end, I'm still using windows 7 so it would probably be fixed by installing windows 10.