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Does this work for the Oculus Rift S?

Not tested for Oculus, but you can give it a try!

the game is free :)

I does work, I did uninstall however. It lags for no reason. I have like hundreds of mods on VR games like Blade & Sorcery, Boneworks, etc. The little bit a lag didn't stop me however. What did was some things like moment. You stare at a sign, then you teleport to a area. I'd rather have actual moment, so you can escape the robots or whatever they are. The robot AI could be better, they just walk up to you and start punching you. At least you could make them punch the actual player, and not next to the player so you can dodge attacks, that would be cool. After all I get it's a free game and you're not getting paid, I just wanted to see a bit more effort.

For a free game, I'd give it a 2.5/5

awesome and also thank you for the feedbacks :)