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hopefully soon :)

nice :) and also thank you for the suggestion too!

extract the game and start attack on toys icon :)

Thank you :) and also thank you for the feedback

Mouse sensitivity will probably added later ;)

Awesome! i'm really happy you love the game :3

also thank you for the feedbacks too!

sometime firewall may block the connection, try to configure your firewall setting

Awesome! also i'm glad you happy with the game and bring your childhood memories of playing plastic army men toys

Thank you so much for sharing your gameplay too :)

This is the old version of Attack on Toys :)

You can join Attack on Toys Discord :)

The doesn't have save system at all for now, so you need to toggling it all the time :")

Version 2.12 is Unity 2018-ish

and also thank you for the feedbacks too :D

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Feel free to make any content for Attack on Toys: Like video gameplay and monetize, meme, screenshots, and yes you can make maps for it ...but sadly the game doesn't support custom map (maybe in the future? :) )

Yes there is alot of issue report from Linux and Mac version, the game were made with windows and using Unity Build to create Linux and Mac version (but it doesn't seem to work very well based on the report,... so i recommend to play Windows version)

3. Yes that is a bug, should be fixed in 3.0

4. Yes, it is intended... if the Army Men Troop get killed by anything it will turn into zombie :) (Clue to survive the waves: Chinook and alot of chopper + medic)

'maybe' on Steam :)


awesome, thank you :)

Sadly no :")

you're welcome :)

2020-ish :)

Nice :)

and thank you for the suggestion, noted for future update!

Awesome video! and thank you for playing too :D

no problemo :)

extract the file, and play AttackOnToys.exe :)

There is some old model still be in use that has been remastered/refined (like huey, halftrack, etc)

i think it's not possible to add that feature (button in the Main menú were you can change it old or new) because it will mess the whole Game 🤣

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"maybe" :)

happy birthday :))

Thank you so much for the feedback and suggestions too!

and noted for futureeee update :D

Probably in the future... but the development right now is more focus toward Singleplayer experience first :)

@Yannickcomander Correct :)

also you need winrar program to do that

somewhere in 2020 :):)


also thank you for the suggestion too :)

Thank you :) !


Ah, you need to aim down to floor first before pressing the keys

Also thank you for the feedback!

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Thank you! :)

yes, you can run two game at once and connect them both via multiplayer menu... but i'm not sure if it can receive two input (Keyboard and Controller) in a single PC at the same time

Feel free to test it, hopefully it could work :)

Awesome, i'm happy that you enjoy the game :)

Yes, you can set the graphics to 'low' or 'very low' quality when you start Attack on Toys.exe

Thank you for the suggestion :)

will see if the game is possible to make/build Chrome-OS in the future

Thank you for the feedback :)

also there is a tutorial already in the game, it's called 'Green Army Training Camp' ;)

set destanation?

Try to update latest vcredist/visual c++ redistributable to your PC

Hello, what is the error message? :(

Sorry for this :( ...Some people also report these kind of error on Linux and Mac version too (Seem there is something wrong with Unity Build import)

i would recommend to play the game on Windows version for now