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aaah, heck... i downloaded this game at 1pm, and now it's midnight and i've gotten all the good endings and i'm too scared to go for any of the bad, ahaha |D gosh... i wasn't expecting this to be such a great game..! all of my expectations were completely blown away. at first i was a bit hesitant to play such a harsh MC, but i've come to be really fond of her... what she's gone through and who she becomes, i'm really glad i got to be privy to that. i also ended up way more attached to the love interests than i thought i would...

there was a lot of depth to them that was really well constructed (waah, that sounds terms of character building, i mean!), and i find myself sitting here, 20 minutes after finishing all the routes, with a somewhat melancholy ache tugging at my gut and an inner conflict of 'do i wallow in the aftermath of a good game or do i make fanart', ahaha-- even the side characters! i know it was stated in the description that the side characters had their own backstories, but like i said, this game really blew away all of my expectations. i think i'm still distraught over garlan...

i really appreciate all of your efforts that went into making this game, and thank you all for all of your hard work! even now, i'm still feeling that sad ache-- the one you get when you're invested in characters whose stories have come to an end.

thank you very, very much.

Hello! We're glad that we actually got you hooked with this game. Mission accomplished! ;)

We didn't want a typical MC and so we went for someone who will have character development.

Thank you so much for playing CP. :D